REST API is a convenient way for software developers to communicate with web services via HTTP, the protocol used by the internet. Together with JSON it provides an easy, straightforward and flexible means of exchanging data between systems.

The DEQAR Web API allows to search and discover QA reports, and to embed such functionality in own websites or applications.

The public DEQAR web interface uses the same API.

Get Access

The DEQAR Web API is available to all interested parties, in line with the DEQAR Terms and Conditions.

EQAR-registered agencies have access to the Web API automatically, using their credentials for the DEQAR administrative interface and the Submission API.

For all others, use of the API is free, but subject to prior registration in order to avoid excessive resource consumption and to ensure that the information is not used in a way that jeopardises the objectives of DEQAR.

Access may be requested by simple email to We will grant access to any individual or organisation unless we have reasons to believe that the information might be abused, misrepresented or used in violation of the DEQAR Terms and Conditions.

After registration you will obtain a username and password combination for the Web API. We will publish a list of registered users with access to the Web API.